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Welcome to Sew Inspired Clothing Alterations.

Please note: I am currently not taking on any work.
Sorry, I will not be able to respond to any enquiries.

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    Hi my name is Tisha and I have a passion for... well, clothes!! Although I’m interested in designing clothes, I’m more interested in the way clothes fit my body as well as the joy it brings me to alter something to suit my shape as well as repair the things that always seems to go wrong with a garment.

    So.... I was inspired, not only to alter clothes for myself but knowing that I can help others to feel confident in whatever they are wearing so that they too can enjoy what they wear without the stress of worrying about the way it fits.

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    I've always been interested in clothing and design for as long as I can remember, but I started to look more closely at details and differences in garments when I was about 10 years old. My passion grew even stronger over the years so I decided to study clothing and textiles in high school.

    I find my joy in knowing that I can help someone fit into a dress / skirt / trousers (for example) that was either too loose or just doesn't fit right. Also, I don't believe in getting rid of something because the button is missing or the zipper doesn't work anymore. Seriously??!! These can all be fixed but I must admit, it takes time and that's where I come in.

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    I can replace a broken zip; hem or shorten trousers, skirts, dresses and many more like these. I've also remoulded a garment for someone that was so big that it almost drowned the person wearing it!

    Because of my passion for alterations I find the process of looking closely at details and figuring out the best way to tackle it makes the project not only challenging but relaxing. So yes, my work is very calming and brings me much satisfaction, especially by turning complicated work into a piece of art.


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We 'tailor' our services to your needs!!

Free collect and return service in Basildon when you spend over £30

£5 collect and return service within Basildon. Free if you spend over £30. I will collect your items from your home or office by appointment and return them to you when the work is completed. No problem if you need me to measure you or pin the clothes while I'm with you!

I work from home and do not have a workshop where I can accomodate customers at present.

Price Guide

I will confirm the price of each job prior to commencing work

Skirts / Dresses Price from
shorten / lengthen (plain) £12.00
shorten / lengthen (lined) £15.00
take waist in / out £15.00
take in side seams (plain) £15.00
take in side seams (lined) £20.00
Trousers Price from
shorten / lengthen £13.00
shorten / lengthen (with turn ups) £15.00
take waist in / out £13.00
take in side seams £17.00
Zips Price from
trousers / jeans zip £15.00
skirt zip £15.00
dress zip £15.00
invisible zip £17.00
Shirts / Blouses Price from
sleeves shortened £13.00
take in side seams £13.00
Curtains Price from
Shortened - up to 60" wide (plain) £15.00
Shortened - up to 60" wide (lined) £20.00

Please contact us for a quote if the work you need is not listed

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Please note: I am currently not taking on any work.
Sorry, I will not be able to respond to any enquiries.

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